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No matter your fitness level or experience, everyone is in this game for a result. Whether it's losing body fat, learning how to lift heavy weight, looking good naked or feeling positive about yourself, Radical Coaching programs have you covered!

Pick a path that suits your current goal and follow along with our result-focused, mobile-friendly and carefully crafted programs 


  • TrueCoach account to get your workouts on iOS, Android, or any web browser – record your notes, ask questions, upload a progress photo or track your PRs – and update them any time to see how far you’ve come.

  • MOVE BETWEEN PROGRAM OPTIONS - We will assign you on your initial program but after you have completed your first cycle, speak to your coach if you want to switch it up

  • Demo videos for every movement – We make sure you know what you're doing for each exercise. If you're not sure, just ask

  • Coaches have your back– is my tempo right? What can I sub for a sled push? My knee hurts, should I take tomorrow off? Pop a question in the chat function and a coach will get back to you

  • Join our online community – this actively moderated group includes tons of other Radical Athletes from different backgrounds, who keep up a positive, supportive community

  • Workout emails for a summary if you’re out of range – you can customize your notifications to turn these on or off.

Will it be TOO hard?

Unlike typical high-intensity training, all our Radical Programs emphasize the pursuit of good movement quality and control.


We review your workout results periodically (and weekly if you choose that support level), so you won’t be pushed into poor, rubbish reps before developing your strength. 

If you get stuck though, just ask!

How is Radical different from other programs out there?

Instead of random workouts (that give random results), We structure our programs with micro and macro goals in mind,


This means we're thinking ahead so you don't always have to and we think about the entire year. Every workout uses proven methods to build muscle and movement quality while keeping you challenged to grow as an athlete (and as a person).

How much coaching will I get?

All of these Radical Programs are group programs, so if you are looking for an individual coach, we offer that separately either online or even in person.


But if you are comfortable reading workouts and asking questions when you need to, you’ll have everything you need from these group programs.


Our coaches will answer questions within 24 hours typically, and you can also upload a video if you need a form check on a specific movement.

What if I’m injured?

If you have past nagging injuries but are cleared to train, our programs get your joints, tendons, and muscles stable and strong by developing motor control. Move with more quality and your body will thank you! You can also message a coach any time if you have concerns about modifying a workout.

What equipment do I need?

Can I mix these programs with other classes and types of training?

At Radical we believe in a complete package and our programs are complete training programs where every exercise, training day, and training block is designed with an outcome in mind.


When you mix in other training, it may detract from your results or defeat the purpose of the program. However, many participants do other sports alongside our programs – you can try a free trial to see how we fit into your needs.

Can I do a FREE trial?

Yes! You can try any Radical Program for 7 days absolutely free to check it out – cancel any time, or leave it rolling and you’ll be billed at the end of your trial and monthly thereafter.

What if I don’t like it?

There’s no contract with us, so you can try it and cancel your subscription any time.


Can I join in the middle of a training block?

Absolutely. While our programs build from week to week, you don’t need to wait for a new training block before jumping in. Settle in, get the feel of the workouts, and you’ll be in the swing of things in no time.

What if I go on holiday, get sick, or have to miss workouts?

If you need to miss workouts, no worries. You can scroll back to past workouts in TrueCoach, or just stay with the program wherever we are and you’ll catch up in no time. You can also manage your subscription at any time with no hassle by contacting us.

So the question is, do you want to head into your training with Radical behind you every step of the way?

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