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Coaching can be a lonely professional. You constantly worry about what other coaches are doing or scared to ask for help in case you look bad or they take advantage.

You worry clients will angry if you say I don't know the answer or worse leave you as a client.

Our mentorship is based on trust and personal growth. We don't need to prove anything to anyone, we just want to help you become a better coach and continue towards coaching mastery.

We use the word collaborative as we will not do the work for you. But we will bring you fresh ideas, ask you the right questions and help you get out of your own head.

We use the word organic because although we have set things we want to see in our mentorship coaches, it is truely individualised week to week depending on the challenges and goals you have.

Things change, so we have to be flexible.

Most importantly, we want action and results. Fancy systems or data is nice but if you don't actually become a better coach, what's the point?

Application and consistency is what we'll help you with.


We all THINK we don't need mentors, but we ALL do. We have our own. 

Business mentors, coaching mentors, and life mentors.


You can't possibly know everything and you never will. Mentorship are about working WITH you, not telling you the answers.


Our mentorship will go as deep as we need to for your business. Coaching, knowledge, nutrition, programming you name it. 


So if you're reading this thinking, "I don't need a mentor", you likely need it more than ever. 

(Search 4 Stages of Competence ;) )

We know it can be hard to ask for help but think of it as OUTSOURCING your problems and solutions to more brains.


In 15 years of coaching, I am yet to meet a coach I couldn't help in some way. Not because I'm a genius, but knowledge, applicationm self-awareness and emotional intelligence are ongoing, never complete, and we all have blind spots.

Question is, are you confident enough in your ability to ask for help & get a mentor? We were.

"Your ego will be fine, we won't think less of you as a coach for asking for help...if anything we will respect you more" more


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