losing weight



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I‘ve lost weight without any boring workouts or crazy diets.

I’m still able to eat meals I enjoy without feeling like I’m on a diet and still manage to lose weight and see my progress. Jess is a great support and I love that she checks in on both my physical and mental health.


Don’t know where I’d be without the support!

I tried to lose weight myself but struggled with lack of motivation, working with a coach I found I had more dedication and motivation to reach my goals, as well as a better relationship with food. I’ve lost fat, gained muscle and feel more confident in myself.

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I have constant motivation and support with an amazing program tailored to me.

I had severe lack of motivation and was unsure on what to do to effectively reach my goals, I tried various dieting and exercise routines that just didn’t work before reaching out for help. I feel fitter, have more energy, and am feeling stronger already. Jess is an amazing coach who cares and properly assesses you and tailors your programme perfectly, you won’t be disappointed.


I’ve come on leaps and bounds!

I have a better relationship with food and an actual routine with exercise now. I have my set backs but I’m getting there slowly and the coaches are always there when I need a push in the right direction. I have learnt so much from the coaches already! The results in my mental and physical health is enough proof as to why you should work with a Radical Coach.

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